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Deployment Solutions

IT/Infrastructure Services

In today's vibrant and highly dynamic business environment, it is essential that an enterprise should be built on a reliable and robust IT infrastructure. Businesses use IT as a platform to leverage the way they operate and effective IT infrastructure acts as a strategic tool. CTC provides vendor-independent consulting for IT Infrastructure Solutions. Our technical expertise in end-to-end infrastructure management solutions helps customers to harvest the best returns on IT investments.

Data Networking – Cabling Systems

Selecting the correct cabling solution for your needs can be a daunting task especially in these times of ever-evolving technology. We offer the most scalable structured cabling solutions with a strong track record for installation and commissioning of structured cabling on time and within budget.

With extensive experience of many types of installations across a wide variety of environments. Our track record includes high profile implementations in environments such as office buildings, data centers, retail schemes, remote facilities, university campuses, airports, and government offices. Our structured cabling includes comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types including Data Networking Cables & Fiber optic cables. Our project management services include pre-installation inspection, installation and commissioning (closeout); all carried out under strict installation guidelines and under the supervision of certified data cabling installers. Our highly skilled and trained teams are dedicated to delivering cabling solutions on time, to budget and to the highest standards, and provide a service offering.

Network Planning & Design Sevices

CTC provides solutions for Network Planning and Design Services in terms of two categories. Wired Networking Design Solutions and Wireless Networking Design Solutions. 

Wired Networking Design Solutions & Wireless Networking Design Solutions:

 CTC Involves in traditional networking planning methodologies with Six layers namely,

  • Assessment
  • Understanding Clients’ requirement
  • HLD - Logical Design for Scalability & Modularity
  • LLD - Performance, Availability & Reliability
  • Clients Feedback
  • Security & Cost

Telecommunications Services (Wired & Wireless)

Consolidated Techniques Co Ltd delivers the Telecommunication services with both platforms i.e., Wired and Wireless Networking Services. As per the client’s requirement CTC’s Network Engineering Team provides services like Survey, Design, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning, Configurations & Integrations.


Ethernet is the most common type of local area network (LAN) technology, and it involves a hardwired connection to the internet through Ethernet cables.

On Today’s Digital World Wireless Network or Wi-Fi solutions plays a vital role in all the Business environments. A wireless network is a computer network that uses wireless data connections between network nodes. Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and business installations avoid the costly process of introducing cables into a building, or as a connection between various equipment locations. CTC provides the Wireless Network Solutions with two different scenarios which are,

Point to Point Wireless Network Solution
Point to Point topology is the simplest topology that connects two nodes directly together with a common link. The entire bandwidth of the common link is reserved for transmission between those two nodes.

Point to Multipoint Wireless Network Solution

The point-to-multipoint topology consists of a central base station that supports several subscriber stations. These offer network access from a single location to multiple locations, permitting them to use the same network resources between them. Multipoint connection is used in BUS Topology. All the devices are connected to a single transmission medium, which acts as the Backbone of the connection. This links all the devices in the network.