Business Unit (BU) : Communication ( Wireless & Optical Fiber)

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CTC is providing consulting and Service solution in the field of telecommunication which include Wireless and Optical Fiber communication.

Wireless Communication

CTC specialized in Planning, engineering and project management services for telecom transmission networks, broadband wireless access networks, network management systems. CTC’s sister company Al-Sayedeya has earned very well reputation for excellence in both Implementation and Project management.

* Project Management
* BTS/RBS Implementation
* BTS/RBS Commissioning
* Antenna System Implementation
* Radio Network Optimization
* Microware Link Implementation
* Link Commissioning
* Switching site Implementation
* E1 provisioning and Testing (CWO’s)

Optical Fiber Communication

The entire traditional back haul is getting changed, Future for Communication is towards only Optical fiber. CTC has a great work experience in Splicing, Networking and OSP & FTTH . Fully equipped team is available to work all over the kingdom. CTC is offering the following services,

* Project Management
* Fiber Optic Cable for Junction Network
* Fiber Optic Cable O.S.P Long Distance Network
* Fiber Optic Cable O.S.P FTTH Project
* Fiber Optic Cable Trouble Shooting
* Fiber Optic Cable Testing
* Equipment Commissioning


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